Skill of Attraction was created as a way to teach men how to be more attractive to women, and to improve their dating game and romantic relationships; as opposed to sleazy pick-up tactics and game playing. One can use all the tricks and one-liners in the book, but if you’re not on top of both your inner and outer game, women will see right through you eventually. My intention is to squash common problems men have in relationships, teach men why they have these problems, and what they can do in order to ‘flip the script’ and get women chasing them. It’s time to learn and implement what makes a man attractive to good looking, quality women so you can say goodbye to all the anxiety, frustration and uncertainty and start being the confident man women crave.

I’m Erik Peterson and I’m not a pick-up artist, nor am I a “guru”. I’m a guy just like you who after far too many failed relationships, and realizing that all my relationships were ending in the same way, and usually for the same reasons, I set out to find answers.

For all of my dating life, up to this point, I was under the impression that I just made bad choices with women. Even all my buddies would say, “Erik, you sure know how to pick ’em!” It made absolutely no sense to me how these women would be crazy in love with me in the beginning of the relationship, only to be walking all over me like a chump after a few months together. They went from crazy in love to just plain crazy & disrespectful.

I began to feverishly study and learn from the masters. I applied their teachings to my own life; not just to my romantic/sex life, but to my everyday life in general. Miraculous changes began to take place for the better. Soon my family and friends began to come to me for advice in their relationships. They were shocked when my advice began working for them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Holy shit, dude! That actually worked!” Not long afterwards, I quickly reached “Expert” status on popular relationship forums, helping mostly anonymous users repair their life and/or relationships.

In July 2016 I founded Skill of Attraction. I took all the information and lessons I had learned from the masters, combined with my own dating/relationship experiences, and began sharing it with the public. I also began one-on-one private coaching to help other men who are at a place where I once was, and bring men to, at least, the place where am I now; feeling confident in my life and having endless options with beautiful women.

Now in 2022 I have turned Skill Of Attraction (now SOA.FM) into an online social community. Of course I still share free advice on my YouTube channel, & I still offer private, one-on-one coaching; however, I have expanded that to this new community. The idea was to create a digital space where men (& even women) can share their experiences, give their advice or get advice from other members, share their “war stories”, & ultimately learn from both professionals & amateurs who are out on the battlefield that is modern dating & relationships.

As the community grows, you can expect to find more & more opportunities to learn & truly understand female nature & how female attraction works through articles, social groups, forum discussions, & even video courses.

If you have a question or would like to get in touch directly please visit the contact page.

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