Here are some testimonials from a few of my past clients…

Hi Erik, thanks again for so much great advice, for anyone considering getting paid coaching ITS WELL WORTH IT! Best money I ever spent so don’t be cheap you could save ur self a fortune on broken relationships – Modern Man

Hi Erik. If any men are ever wondering if your stuff works, well I’d reply by saying that you know me better than I know myself as women and everything you talk about has me constantly checking the box of “Yup, it’s true, I feel that way or do that as a woman.” – Alexandria

Did a paid email coaching with Erik. I highly recommend it. I’ve done Skype sessions with another coach and the email with Erik was way more helpful. He answered all my questions without sugar coating anything. I’ll definitely be emailing him again. – Patrick

I’m a therapist actually specializing in mental health for males across the lifespan and your [YouTube] channel has been the best coaching I’ve found so far to recommend to my single frustrated men..” – Janet M.

Erik has worked and directed me over the last 6 months and anything he’s told me to do has worked way beyond what I expected. Dude knows his shit. – Joe

Wow! I’ve been researching and studying male/female dynamics for years. I’ve read and watched hundreds of resources on this topic and I have to say that your info is THE most articulate and spot on when it comes to accurately describing how women feel and act. – Carla

Thanks to you I’m in the best relationship I ever ever been in full of nothing but love and compassion. I can’t thank you enough! – Tac

I am impressed by the quality of service you offer. Very professional! Your advice was spot on. – Ben

My man Erik. I just want to say holy shit man you’re advice has brought me so much success with my girl and things are going incredible right now. Things have fallen into place so well and I owe you soo much for your help. I can’t thank you enough! – Fill

thank you so much for the coaching email!! worked like a charm. did everything you told me and more. started going to the gym, making new friends, etc. she noticed the changes and she is happy with it. she practically begs me for sex every time we meet. fixed my separation anxiety. fixed everything wrong with me to be honest. thank you so much! – ES

Extremely helpful. You helped me stay away from a potentially crisis situation – BostonStrong

I have researched many dating experts on YouTube and find you, by far, superior to all the others. – Dave

Thank you so much for helping me re-attract my ex-girlfriend! There were times where I was doubting your advice, but I followed everything you suggested. She came back to me and we have now been back together and totally in love for the last four months and counting. Thank you so much! – M.

You’re advice was absolutely right! From everything I’ve read, what you’re telling me to do is the most effective thing I can do. I just needed to hear it from a pro. Thanks! – Anonymous

Thank you so much, you’ve helped me a lot through my break-up and to begin dating again.- Alex

Really appreciate your advice. Thanks for taking the time to help me with my break-up. I guess it’s for the best to leave it for now. it is hard and it’s been on my mind for weeks now. I can’t seem to shake it but thank you so much. I’m the type of person who doesn’t sugar-coat things – Ali

thanks for your professional advice, it really is useful to have someone else to talk to and gain their perspective! I REALLY appreciate it! – CaptnCrunch

You were seriously so helpful when I needed someone by my side, so thank you for your great advice and helping me through a pretty rough time I was having. Once again, just wanted to say thank you for everything. – Wingman

My ex is still with the guy she left me for, but your advice has made me feel a million times better about it. You’re right, it’s her loss and I’m better off without a person like her. Thank you. – Arjun

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