I’m Hiding My Emotions from My Ex-Girlfriend

Hiding My Emotions from my Ex-Girlfriend

Question from a reader…

I’m hiding my emotions from my ex-girlfriend because i know my real feelings will hurt her…is that wrong?

My girlfriend of basically 4 months broke up with me just 2 weeks ago and it is absolutely DESTROYING me internally. My mind is always on her and no matter how hard I try to forget her everything seems to remind me of her and it’s messing with my head. It hurts me all the time that she isn’t mine anymore and I can’t help but still want her all the time. But I know she feels awful about breaking up with me because she keeps telling me I never did anything wrong she just lost feelings and she feels terrible. So I don’t want to truly show her all the emotion I have built up from the breakup, I just keep telling her that I’ll be ok and that if it makes her happy then I’ll be happy. I’m not showing her the true emotions I feel because I don’t want to make her feel any worse than she already does right now because I know if I tell her how I really feel it’s gonna kill her as much as it’s killing me and I can’t let that happen. I can’t see her hurt like that…but it doesn’t feel right lying to her about my feelings. What do I do?

My response…

I wouldn’t hide your emotions but, you must get them under control & stay centered. At least at this time, don’t offer how you’re feeling…just keep things light & playful. If she asks how you’re feeling about the breakup, you can be honest…just don’t pour your heart out.

One important thing to keep in mind here is that you shouldn’t be so concerned about how awful she’s feeling about breaking your heart. SHE broke up with YOU and you’re worried about hurting her feelings!? Dude…that should be the last of concerns here. Instead you should be focusing on moving-on, getting back out there, dating new women and improving yourself into a more attractive man.

However, It’s always best to have an indifferent attitude; meaning, you’re happy if she’s in your life but you’re just as happy if she’s not.


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