How men dress

Do Women Care How Men Dress?

Surprisingly, a lot of men don’t get this, especially younger men. And that is, how men dress matters to women, and it should matter to you too. Your style, the way you put yourself together, the way you present yourself to the world, all communicates how you feel about yourself and that you care about how you look. It’s your outer-game.

Rolling out of bed in the morning and throwing on some dirty shorts along with a wrinkled, food-stained t-shirt and flip flops may be comfortable, but what do you think that says about you? It says, I gave up caring about myself. It says, I have little desire to be a part of this world and most likely I have little to no ambition to be better.

I’m not saying you have to put on a suit and tie to run to the grocery store, but you do want to make yourself somewhat presentable any time you head out the door. However, it’s just as important when you’re living with a woman or casually getting together. It not only shows that you care about yourself, but it also shows that you care about looking good for your girl. She will appreciate as well.

Plus, for you men that aren’t necessarily knocking them dead with good looks, dressing well with a style that fits your personality can really increase your outer attractiveness to women more than you think. All-in-all, how men dress matters to women.

How men dress

How Men Dress Matters

The most important thing about you dressing well is for your own confidence; however, a great byproduct of this is, that you will also come across as much more attractive to the ladies. When you dress well you will feel better, and when you feel better you will be happier. The happier you are, the more confident you will feel. And we all know that women just LOVE a confident man.

And like I said, this doesn’t mean that you have to dress in a suit and tie, or even that you have to dress “nice”. It’s about finding your personal style and owning it.

If you’re more of the rocker type, you want to dress in a way that reflects that. If you’re more of the preppy type, obviously you want to dress in a way that reflects that as much as you can. You’re more of the flashy type? Then you want to add some flash to your style of dress. It may take some experimenting in order to find a style that suits you best. Personally, I’ve been through a few stages in my life where my style of dress had changed before I found what works best for me.

Experimenting With Different Styles

When I was in my teens and early 20’s I was a drummer in a punk rock band. I wore a lot of band t-shirts, ripped jeans and a leather jacket. I either had spiked up hair, or long hair. It suited who I was at the time. Not only did I feel comfortable with that style, but I owned it.

rocker look
Me beating the skins for Xmas shoppers, downtown Chicago – 1990

In my mid-20’s I began hanging out at dance clubs, and I slowly began to dress in a way that reflected the night club styles of the 90’s. I was pretty much dressing the opposite style of my punk rock band days; wearing nice slacks with some flashy shirt, maybe even some jewelry here and there. I cut off all my long hair and had a much more stylish cut that also fell in line with the way I dressed.

And keep in mind, your haircut is part of your overall style.

Clubber look
My casual clubber look, at a party – 1997

After I got out of the club scene my style of dressed changed again. It’s more or less the way I dress these days. I don’t have any photos showing how I dress these days, but my style is more on the casual, yet ‘edgy’ side. On an average day I typically wear a cool, stylish t-shirt, designer jeans and biker boots.

Fresh haircut
Cleaning up the hairstyle again (NOT a mugshot) – 2013

My point is, if you’re not really sure what your style is, you’re going to have to experiment a bit. You do this until you find a style that not only reflects who you are and looks good on you, but one that you can unapologetically own. You want the people who know you to look at you and your style of dress and think, “Yeah, that takes total sense”.

Every Girl’s Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man

Dressing in a style that reflects who you are makes you stand out to women. They really pay attention to this stuff. Just look how important it is for them to be dressed just right; to have on the right pair of shoes, the right top, the right belt. Sometimes when they’re finally finished getting ready to go out, they will be uncertain about how something looks on them and they will go and change their outfit again.

Women really pay attention to this stuff; not only with themselves and other women, but with men as well. In other words, how men dress matters to women. As stupid as it sounds, women have been known to reject a man right off the bat, because his shoes and belt don’t match. Or, perhaps he’s wearing ugly shoes, or his shirt isn’t ironed, and so on. It’s not just having a good personal style that matters, but how you put it all together as well.

Presentation Matters As Well

It’s not just how men dress that matters, but it’s the presentation, as well. You want to make sure your clothes aren’t all wrinkled, like you pulled them out of the bottom of the laundry hamper. Or, that your clothes are size too big or too small. You want to be sure that everything fits your body type. You also want to make sure that your clothes match in some way. As an example, if you’re wearing black shoes you don’t want to be wearing a brown belt. Or, you don’t want to be wearing nice slacks with an untucked a t-shirt. You want to be sure that you coordinate.

Girls notice all these little details. Just like you’re sizing up her body, she’s also sizing up yours, but she’s also checking out the details of how you’re dressed.

And another important detail for you to consider is, your shoes. Think about how nuts women are about shoes. And I’ve heard more than a few women say, that one of the first things they check out on a man they’re interested in is his shoes. For most of us men we could really care less, but if you’re trying to attract women, a nice pair of shoes, no matter what kind of shoes they are, can actually help you. Again, make sure your shoes reflect your personal style. You also make sure they’re in relatively good shape. Polish them up before you go out if you have to, because it really does make a difference.

How Men Dress = Self-Confidence

If you don’t already have a personal style that reflects who you are, you may have to experiment a bit before you find something that really resonates with you. Your style should make you feel confident and KNOW that you look good when you step out the door.

Whether you found your style or still experimenting, you want to be sure that you coordinate your outfit. Make sure your shoes and belt match, as well as your pants and shirt. Be sure your clothes are ironed, fit your body type well and you basically don’t look like a slob.

Do this and you will feel better, be more self-confident and ultimately catch the eyes of more ladies.

Do you know one of the great things about catching the eyes of the ladies by dressing well and already involved with a woman? She’s going to notice other women checking you out. This will only raises your value.

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