improve your game

8 Easy Fixes To Improve Your Game

Want to improve your game? It’s important to understand that the key to good game, and being your most attractive self is, your mindset. No matter what you learn from me, or any coach for that matter, it will only work for you temporarily unless you development and maintain the right mindset.

The reason why I’m teaching you all this is, so you can practice it and internalize it to the point where you no longer have to consciously think about it. It simply becomes a natural part of who you are. However, there are some techniques that you can begin using right away in order to improve your game and begin attracting women. The cool thing about these techniques is, that once you have an abundant mindset, where your feel confident and, at least, relatively fulfilled, all of this will come natural. But, it will only help you to begin to put some of what you learn into practice right away.

improve your game

8 Easy Fixes To Improve Your Game

Below you will find 8 quick and easy fixes you can implement immediately and improve your game. Applying these tips will help you to effortlessly boost a woman’s attraction for you. However, you want to keep in mind that this will only work if she already has some level of attraction for you. If she has zero attraction for you, you would be just wasting your time continuing any further.

Assume Attraction

Assuming a woman is attracted to you is much more important than most men think. Of course this isn’t always going to be the case. In fact, unless you’re above average in physical appearance, most of the times this isn’t going to be the case. However, by you simply assuming she’s attracted to you with confidence is going to be much more attractive than a poor man’s Brad Pitt approaching a woman, shuffling his feet and staring at the ground, thinking the girl is going to reject him anyway.

A lot of you try arguing with me that being tall and good looking is all that women care about. But, you’re thinking like a man with that mindset. Yes, looks are important in order to attract women, but not as important as a woman’s looks are for men. It’s more about your confidence, personality and behavior. She may not be physically attracted to right off the bat, but once she realizes that you’re fun, you’ve approached her and spoke to her without fear, there’s a good chance that she may begin to think, “Hm. There’s something about this guy I kinda like. Let’s see where this goes.”

Smile With Confidence

A lot of men feel that if that there’s nothing ‘alpha’ about a man smiling. They want to put out this “I’m a badass” vibe. Women DO like brooding badasses, but they also like men who are kind, fun, friendly and approachable. This is especially true upon first meeting. Now, I’m not talking about a huge smile from ear to ear, because that could easily come across as a bit creepy. You want to convey that you are fun, and that she can feel safe and comfortable with you. So, a confident smile with just a hint of cockiness can really open her up. On the other hand, women do also find a masculine brooding scowl to be quite sexually attractive. So, save that look for when you’re about to tear her clothes off and ravage her.

Alpha Body Language

I actually did a video about this a while ago, but this is really just about having confident, open body language. However, it’s also a key component to improve your game. So, if you’re standing, you want to stand up straight, shoulders and neck back, chest out, chin up, and your arms by your side, or in such a way where you’re not covering your chest or torso. Just be sure that you’re also relaxed. It’s really easy to be to be as stiff as a board if you’re not used standing or walking this way. I mean, you don’t want to look like a robot or zombie.

If you’re sitting, you want to lean back, legs spread (as opposed to them being crossed or your knees together) like you’re taking up space, and again, you don’t want your arms guarding your core.

Just be relaxed, but also own it like, you’re the king and this is your castle.

Strong Eye Contact

Good, strong eye contact is extremely important. Confident men aren’t afraid or intimidated to look anyone in the eye. This communicates that you know you’re worth and that you’re completely comfortable in your own skin. It can also communicate dominance, and women find that to be extremely attractive in a man. In fact, if you’ve made eye contact with a woman, or if you’re talking to her, you never want to break eye contact first.

To be clear, this isn’t about staring a hole through a woman. That can come across as creepy. You just want to do this in such a way where you’re assuming attraction and assuming that she can’t get enough of staring deep into your eyes. Once she breaks eye contact, then you can too.

One good thing to look for; if her eyes look down and she has a little smile on her face. This flirty submission and it communicates that, at last in that moment, she’s digging you.

Do Not Lean-In

This one seems like it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but believe it or not, it makes a huge difference. I’ve had women commenting on my videos and articles where I talk about this. They’re blown away by having this pointed out to them. They say things like, “I couldn’t figure it out. He was so good looking and a nice guy, but there was something off”. Then they realized that the guy was eagerly leaning-in, hanging on every word she said.

Leaning into women conveys neediness and submission. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply talking to her, or taking selfies with her, leaning in will subconsciously turn her off. On the flip side of that, putting yourself in a position where SHE has to lean into you subconsciously turns her on, because it communicates your value and dominance.

Stop Complimenting Her

Many men think that complementing a woman is all it takes; like she’s going to swoon just because you told her that you think she’s beautiful. Women get compliments from men All. The. Time. Especially beautiful women. You’re not telling them anything new, and they know why you’re doing it. They see it as a pathetic attempt to get into their pants.

It’s true that a woman loves compliments from a man that she loves or has a high level of attraction for. However, even then, you want to keep the compliments far and few between.

For many men, compliments is their go-to, in terms of game. However, next time you begin talking to a woman, even if you think she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve eve laid eyes on, keep them to yourself for the time being. In fact, playfully teasing her will get you MUCH further. Just don’t be mean about about your teasing.

Be Confidently Playful (Push/Pull)

Obviously, you know what being playful means, but what I really mean here is using the push/pull dynamic. This is basically teasing her in a playful way, like I mentioned above, but also communicating your interest in her at the same time. However, you can’t directly tell her you’re interested; you have to do it in a covert sort of way. Basically, you want to playfully tease her, but don’t be mean, then sort of hint at liking or being attracted to her. This alone will greatly improve your game.

As an example, say you’re talking to a girl and she’s wearing this hot, black cocktail dress. You could say something like, “Wow! That dress looks great on you!”

She will probably say something like, “Aww. Thanks.”

If you’re feeling extra bold, because women love bold men, you could say, “Why don’t you turn around for me”.

She stands up and does a little slow spin so you can get a good look at the whole package.

Then you could say, “What? Did you get that a thrift store?” followed by a little devilish smirk.

She will probably respond with with her mouth hanging open, like she can’t believe you just said that. Then say, “Shut up!” with a big grin and playful slap to your arm.

Most men would be terrified to say anything that may offend her. But, now you stand out, because you just communicated that you’re not afraid of her reaction. That’s attractive to women. What you just did here is, you pulled her in by saying how sexy she looks in that dress. Then you also pushed her away by suggesting that she got her hot, amazing dress at a thrift store. And her responding with that big grin and that playful slap on the arm is a sign of her attraction for you.

Initiate Touch

Another very important ingredient to improve your game is touching. As the man, you must initiate touch if you want to spark sexual tension. I’m not talking about rubbing her ass when you have just met her. That’s a quick way to a slap in the face, or even worse, a sexual assault charge. I’m talking about non-sexual touching…for now.

Instead, you want to start small and gently escalate from there, because if a woman is interested in you she’s going to WANT you to do this. Sometimes women will be the initiators, but it’s rare. So, it’s really up to you.

A good way to start is with something as simple as a gentle, playful push to her shoulder when you’re joking around with her, or even a high five. You want to look for her reciprocating. That’s typically a sign that it’s okay to begin escalating.

Then, perhaps, you grab her hand to lead her through a crowd, or gently guide her to her seat by placing your hand on the small of her back for a second or two. While you’re sitting next to each other, maybe you place you hand on her knee for another second or two. All the while you’re watching how she responds. Does she reciprocate? Is she moving closer to you? Is she turning her body towards you? These are all signs that she feels comfortable with your touch and wants you to continue escalating.

Now, of course, if she’s not reciprocating, she’s turning her body away from you, moving away from you, or closing off her body language by folding her arms or crossing her legs; these are all signs that she does not like you touching her. Or, perhaps you’re moving too quickly and she wants you to slow down, or completely stop. This is when you back off. Just continue talking to her and having fun, then try again later. Sometimes, and I can’t stress “sometimes” enough, “no” or “stop” just means “not yet”. You have to judge for yourself by watching her body language and actions. The idea here is to push the boundaries, but at her pace.

It’s All About Boosting Attraction

So, these are some easy and quick fixes to improve your game that will boost a woman’s attraction, just as long as she already has some interest in you. If she’s not showing you interest, you would just be wasting your time with all this. However, sometimes you will not know or sure until you try. Then you have to judge for yourself.

So, next time you’re out, you have just met a woman, or even if you’ve been out on a date or three, try some of this and you will see how well it works for you. You just have to approach all of this with confidence. As I mentioned, you want to assume she’s attracted to you from the beginning until you know she’s not. At which point, you would politely excuse yourself and move on to the next girl.

I Can Help You

Need some help to improve your game, or boosting attraction with a girl? Perhaps you are having some other issues with your dating and/or relationships? I can help you. Please visit my coaching page and book private, one-on-one coaching with me. We will get to the bottom of this and get things turned around for you.

Be sure to also check out my recommended reading for further learning about game, women, dating and relationships.

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