Your Drive and Ambition is a Turn-On

One of the reasons I’m always telling you guys to focus mostly on yourself, your goals and purpose in life is not just because it helps build your confidence, but it’s also because that’s part of your masculine energy. Women find your masculinity attractive the same way that we find a woman’s femininity attractive. So, a man that has drive and ambition, and having purpose in his life, is a bit of a turn-on for women. It’s all part of her instinctual need for a protector and a provider. It’s deeply ingrained in her biological wiring. It doesn’t matter if she makes more money than you, she’s still going to innately see your drive and ambition as a necessity to provide and protect her, and her current or future offspring. It IS about money on the surface, because we all need money to survive these days, but it’s more about your abilities to provide.


Drive and Ambition Is Sexy

Many men don’t see this as that big of a deal. Sure, most of us are ambitious enough to go to college and get a good job. Sadly, much fewer men go above and beyond that in order to get what they want out of life. Most people, both men and women, are completely content with average. In other words, most people settle for ‘good enough’.

Now, some of you may be asking, “If I’m content and my girl is content, why should I be trying harder to get ahead? I’m already working hard”.

I’m sure you are working hard. Most of us do, or at least we work hard enough to stay content. However, being ambitious in your goals and being driven to succeed at those goals is practically an aphrodisiac for women. It’s part of a woman’s hypergamous nature to desire a man who is the best man she can attract.

Why Men Feel Drive and Ambition Unimportant

As mentioned in some of my past videos, women MUST look up to their man in terms of respect and admiration in order for her to remain attracted to him long term. Plus, drive and ambition is a very masculine trait. Of course women can focus on their own drive and ambition too. It just doesn’t do anything to raise our attraction for women.

When I’m going through dating profiles I see women listing all their degrees and career successes. *yawn* They do that, because that’s what THEY find attractive. But men, we could care less about all that. A woman could be a ditch digger for all we care; as long as she’s hot it doesn’t matter to us. That’s why a lot of men see this as unimportant in terms of what women find attractive. It does nothing for our attraction for her. Men think women are attracted to the same things in us that we find attractive in women, and vice versa.

Men Will Always Be Judged

You must understand, that as a man, you are always being judged by your performance. It’s not just by women who are judging your performance, but other men as well. By performance, I mean, that you’re expected to always be doing your best and improving. Women expect this out of men. The fact that you’re always striving to do your best and always trying to get better will naturally cause women to look up to you with respect and admiration, ultimately turning them on.

I can hear some of you saying, “Screw that! I don’t care what women expect out of me!” Well, you should be doing this for yourself, regardless. Not only will it build your confidence, but it will also get you ahead in life. Women finding it very attractive is just a great side effect.

In terms of women, if you begin to slack off or get lazy, it’s a total turn-off. They start looking down at you with disgust and contempt, thinking that they can do better than you. And yes, even if she’s your wife. This is often when the sex and affection completely dry up, and her eyes begin to wander.

Women will tolerate and even be supportive of you going through a rough period for a time. However, if you don’t step up to the plate and do something about it, this is typically what will eventually happen.

It’s Time To Take Action

If you’ve been procrastinating on your goals, or you’ve been in a holding pattern for a while, it’s time that you pull up your boot straps and take action. No one is going to do it for you and no one cares about your excuses. So, you want to begin putting a plan of action together and taking the steps in order to move forward. You don’t have to jump into anything huge right away. Just start out by taking baby steps and get a little closer each day. As long as you’re always moving closer to your goals, you’re on the right track. But this IS a necessity if you want to get ahead in life and if you want to keep your girl around long term.

I Can Help You

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