9 Charming Qualities Women Love in a Man

I’ve heard countless men ask, “What do women want?” Once you begin to understand the female mind you will realize that essentially they want nothing more than an authentic, masculine man who cares about being the best version of himself he can possibly be. So I put together some of the top qualities women love in a man that will charm the pants off any female, both figuratively and (sometimes) literally.

qualities women love in man

Charming Qualities Women Love in a Man


Women just love a man whom knows his worth and is sure of himself. He walks with his head high and completely comfortable in his own skin. He’s totally authentic and owns who he is, with all his flaws. This makes women feel safe and comfortable to be feminine, which is where they are happiest. It’s also quite the turn-on! Have you ever asked one of your female friends how you should act around a new girl that you’re trying to attract and she says, “Just be yourself”? This is what she means. So be bold! Take risks! And don’t be afraid to show her who you really are!

A woman once told me that seeing unwavering self-confidence in a man is the equivalent of a man seeing a beautiful woman in a tight, skimpy dress. That should tell you how important it is!


I’ve said this before…many women find nothing sexier than a man with ambition. It’s true! That means smoking bowls & playing video games all day isn’t going to be making the ladies swoon. Some may accept that part of your life, but if she has to choose between you and another equivalent guy with ambition guess who she’s going to be more attracted to? Women like men who are going places! And it’s not because of the money, though that sometimes has something to do with it; it’s because men with ambition have value and they possess that masculine energy that drive confident, feminine women wild.

“Ambition makes me so horny…!” – Amil in Jay-Z’s song “Can I Get A…”


We all love to laugh but this is a must-have for every woman. If you can make a woman laugh you have got her attention! It shows her that you are more than likely easygoing and fun to be around; and we all know what that Cyndi Lauper song says, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. And being able to laugh at yourself from time to time is a huge bonus!

You just want to be careful that you don’t fall into the clown category. While that will still make a woman laugh, it doesn’t have the same seductive, charming qualities as a little playful teasing at her expense or other innocent folks.

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything – Marilyn Monroe


Patience can mean a lot of things when it comes to women and relationships. It could mean having patience with the less than competent waiter while out for dinner, patience in understanding her and perhaps most importantly having patience in the progression of the relationship. Anything less is a red flag that you are needy and controlling, and no one likes those qualities in a person. So just relax, take it slow and let the good times roll.

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Self Care

Of course natural good looks and a nice physique will get a woman’s attention and help any man get his foot in the door, but it’s more than that. Take care of yourself, fellas! Not only will you be more attractive and turning heads, but you will feel better about yourself as well, which breeds confidence.

Practice good hygiene; take regular showers, shave or keep your facial hair trimmed, get haircuts, perhaps even get the uni-brow waxed.

Pay attention to how you dress; are your clothes ironed, does your shirt match your pants, are you sporting a nice pair of shoes (women pay attention to your shoes!)?

Stay fit and practice good health! This doesn’t mean that you must have bulging muscles and a six pack stomach, in fact many women are not all that attracted to that sort of physique. But actively trying to stay slim and tightening up the bod, and keeping it there, is very attractive.

Believe me, women notice the finer details about you and sometimes they can even be deal-breakers for some. Of course you can’t please everyone, but looking and feeling your best is the only way to attract the woman of your dreams.


A little mystery goes a long way. Mystery brings excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty….ultimately creating sexual tension. It also eliminates the risk of coming across as too needy or desperate, if you have a hint of mystery to you. Women are emotional beings and her thoughts about you when you are not around, what you are doing at that moment, curious as to who you are with, wondering if you are thinking about her, where are things going between you two…these thoughts all increase her feelings and attraction for you. It’s part of the excitement. If you are constantly checking up and in with her and wearing your heart on your sleeve there’s very little for her to wonder about you.


Having your own hobbies and passions in life, as well as for life itself, is a very attractive quality. Not only is this imperative for your own happiness, but it also shows her that you are fun, exciting and have a life outside of her. So many men make the mistake of focusing all their passion on her. While she enjoys that passion to a certain extent, no woman wants to be the center of your universe. That’s a LOT of pressure! So if you have no passions or hobbies besides sitting on the couch watching Family Guy reruns, find some now.


Here’s another must-have for women, or people in general for that matter. A woman feels most confident and secure with you when she knows that she can trust your words and actions. Not only that, but your honesty, or lack thereof, will shine through in the rest of these qualities.

And remember, women are not stupid…they will figure out if you’re not being honest with them eventually. Then she will have a hard time trusting everything else about you. It’s best to always be upfront even if you believe that she will not like what you have to say; not to mention she will respect you so much more. And you can’t have a healthy relationship without respect…or honesty.


All women love their man to be kind. Be careful to not get this confused with being too nice, there IS a difference. So many men claim how much of a ‘nice guy’ they are around women, but they can’t figure out why they still get rejected. Being ‘nice’ to women is manipulative and they know it; however being kind to her and the people in your orbit is very attractive. By being kind to the waiter at the restaurant, the stray cat in the alley or that passer-by on the street she knows that she can bring you around her family and friends without being completely embarrassed.

The more of these qualities that you possess the better chance you have at attracting the woman of your dreams. So if you you’re not quite there, keep working at it. For some of us it takes time; but having most of these qualities doesn’t mean you have time to slack…get started now and become the best you that you can be!

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