meeting your ex

How To Act When Meeting Your Ex

One of the biggest questions I get from you guys is, how to act when meeting your ex? I understand that it can a bit awkward after a breakup, then not seeing your ex for so long; whether it be a few weeks or a few months. Not to mention all that nervous anxiety that you’re feeling, which often causes us to do or say stupid things. The reality is, most of this is all in your head. You’re creating all these worst case scenario, “what ifs”. This is actually causing you to be even more anxious and awkward, which is making you less attractive.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the attractive behavior that you want to display when you finally schedule a meet up or date with your ex. I’m also going to explain how to get out of your head and let the natural you, the one she originally found so attractive, shine through.

meeting your ex

Your Ex Made Contact

Let’s say that you’ve been in no contact with your ex for at least a month or two. She has finally reached out because she misses you. You miss her too and you tell her that you would really love to see her. She’s on board and wants to see you as well. So, you schedule a date. Like I talk about in my video “The Best Way To Get Your Ex Back”, if she broke up with you, it’s best to have her to come to you. I realize that you’re really just happy that you have a date with your ex, so we won’t get into that for this article. I do encourage you to watch that video. It’s filled with useful nuggets of info to re-attract your ex.

Meeting Your Ex

You want to make a good impression. Hopefully you’ve been working on yourself during this period of no contact. Be sure to dress well and look your best. Get your hair cut, facial hair trimmed and it’s a good idea to smell good too. You want to get yourself into the mindset that you’re just going to meet up with your ex to have a little fun.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that this date has to go perfect. It does not have to go perfect. This is really just her putting her feelers out to see if there’s still some sort of spark between you two. You should go into this with a similar attitude. You want to just focus on having fun with her and NOT on getting back together. If you’re focused on getting back together, you will give off that nervous, awkward vibe that will repel her more than attract her. When meeting your ex, you want to treat this like it’s the very first date with a new girl. You’re starting the courtship all over again. You’re going to be a little nervous. Just keep in mind that you’ve had a relationship with her. You’ve shared some very intimate moments together; both emotionally and physically.

Displaying The New and Improved You

When meeting your ex, you don’t have to impress your her. Assuming you have worked on your self improvement during the no contact phase, your changes and high value will naturally come out in your personality. You just have to be the same fun, interesting and charming guy with whom she originally fell in love. Just do NOT talk about the relationship, getting back together or the topic of “us”. You wouldn’t do that on a first date and you don’t want to do it now. You have to relax, be patient and take it slow and steady. As I mentioned, you’re starting the courtship all over again. Do the same things that you would do if she were a brand new girl you’re just getting know. It’s fine to bring up old memories, but for the most part you want to move past the old relationship—that relationship is over—and start creating new memories.

I realize that my guidance on meeting your ex seems over-simplistic, but that’s really all you have to do. It’s not complicated. Though, it is a bit easier said than done on an emotional level. Just be confident in the man that you’ve become after this breakup. After all, she was the one who contacted you and agreed to a meet-up or date. This is her idea. You got this.

I Can Help You

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