playfully teasing girls is attractive

Playfully Teasing Girls is Attractive

Playfully teasing girls is attractive to them because it’s fun and women instinctively know it’s a form of non-creepy flirting. This isn’t a tactic or manipulation but showing her your fun, humorous side in a detached way. I use the word ‘detached’ here because, attractive women are frequently hit on and told how attractive they are by men in hopes that it leads to something. It makes women feel uncomfortable because, they know that kind of ‘attached’ flirting is inauthentic and in a sense, a bribe for something in return. By playfully teasing girls it shows that you don’t have an agenda, you’re just having a little fun with her. Plus, it communicates that you’re interesting, different, confident, witty, fun, bold and you ‘get it’. Typically, she’s going to want to stick around to hear what you have to say next.

playfully teasing girls is attractive

Before I even started learning about what women respond to and what they find attractive in a man, I was already doing this naturally. It has always been a part of my personality. It’s probably something I picked up at a young age from my father, who is a notorious flirt. I’m also very dry and sarcastic, which helps to add a little mystery to any interaction. If a woman doesn’t know me very well, I can tell by the look on her face that she’s not quite sure if I’m joking or being serious. She smiles because I’m smiling, but it’s obvious she’s trying to figure me out.

The Art of Playfully Teasing Girls

The beauty of this is that anyone can do it with a little creativity and boldness. You don’t have to be good looking or wealthy to capture her attention. Women are not attracted to men who kiss up to them, try too hard and smother them with attention. They like a man who is a bit of a challenge. If you can add a little humor to that, it’s very attractive.

Be a little cocky and be a little humorous. Being cocky without the humor is just arrogant, and that’s not very attractive. Being funny without being a little cocky is just goofy, and that also is not very attractive. Blending them together is the sweet spot. Your cockiness communicates your bold confidence, and being a little funny on top of that communicates your sense of humor. How many times have you heard women say that they love confident men with a good sense of humor?

Playfully Tease, Don’t Insult

The idea to playfully teasing girls is to have fun with her, not to be mean. There’s a big difference. Of course not all women are going to have the same sense of humor as you, or have a sense of humor at all. If that’s the case, abandon ship and go on your way. However, at the same time she may may act offended because she’s not sure if you’re being serious or not, and that’s okay. Escalate your playful teasing just a bit because, if you start backing down it shows that your confidence is a fraud and any minuscule attraction you just created with her will be completely diminished in a heartbeat.

Think of your playful teasing as how you would treat a bratty little sister; she knows you love her and the teasing is all in good fun. If your bratty little sister got a little offended you wouldn’t immediately back down and start apologizing, would you? No, you would keep at it until you got under her skin just enough to get a good laugh, but not to the point where you hurt her.

Don’t Overdo It

Like all good things, too much gets annoying or boring. You just want to sprinkle it in here and there. Only you will know the situation and where it’s appropriate or not. So, just feel out the interaction and add it to the conversation where you see fit. If you use it correctly, it will make your conversations like magic. Especially if you can find a girl that has no problem throwing it right back at you in a humorous way. Then you have got yourself a winner!

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