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Top 3 Signs She’s Losing Interest

When women begin losing interest in a guy it typically happens slowly and subtly. Most men aren’t paying much attention. They don’t notice she’s losing interest until it’s totally obvious, or too late. By this time, even the woman isn’t quite sure why she’s not interested any longer. She only knows that she’s no longer feeling it. The guy begins acting insecure; he starts chasing her, blowing up her phone, or trying to use logic and reason to change her mind. This pushes her away more, because now she’s losing respect for him. She initiates the breakup, but he can’t get a straight answer out of her about why she she lost feelings. This is typically when guys come to me wanting to get their ex-girlfriend, or soon-to-be ex-wife back.

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Signs She’s Losing Interest In You

If you can catch her dwindling interest early-on, it will be much easier to turn things around, rather than after her interest is so low that she barely even wants to talk to you.

1. You Are Not A Priority

When a woman has a very high level of attraction for you, you are her top priority for the most part. She will put you ahead of her friends, family, goals, hobbies, or religion. Sometimes she will even put you in front of her kids just so she can see you and spend time with you. However, once she begins to lose interest, you suddenly aren’t as important anymore. This doesn’t mean that you’re the lowest priority, but when she had a super high attraction level for you, she was canceling plans in order to be with you. Now, she feels that you can wait. She may not be as available for dates anymore, or she may even go as far as canceling plans with you for something more important.

2. She’s Less Responsive

This could mean that she’s not responding to your text messages or phone calls as quick, or her text responses are short and cold. Perhaps she’s not ‘liking’ or commenting on your social media as much anymore. When a woman has a high level of attraction she wants your attention all the time. She will jump at just about any opportunity to talk or engage with you. This is even more so if you’re a busy man who is mostly focused on his purpose in life. When her attraction or interest level begins to drop, she’s not as eager for your attention any longer. The longer it takes for her to respond consistently, the more she’s losing interest in you.

3. She’s No Longer Affectionate

By ‘no longer affectionate’ I mean, when she stops calling you those cute pet names, or she’s not touching you or kissing you as much. Note that woman can still have sex with you when their interest is dropping, but it will far less intense. Women can have sex with a man that she’s no longer attracted to. She may be completely repulsed deep down. She may try to come up with every excuse in the book to get out of it, but she can do it. Kissing you and touching is different. It’s much more intimate for women. Only women that have a high level of attraction want to be close to you or can’t keep their hands off of you. Women with high interest will also often call you little pet names, like: sweetie, my love, darling, etc.

As a side note; while a woman may still have sex with you after she has begun losing interest, you can forget about oral sex. If you have noticed that blow jobs have been throttled to zero, that’s yet another sign that she is losing interest.

Being Observant Is Key

What’s tricky with this is, that a woman’s attraction for you is a sliding scale. It’s always fluctuating from day to day, sometimes from moment to moment. And it doesn’t always have to do with what you’re doing or how you’re behaving. Sometimes it’s outside forces that have nothing to do with you, like the stresses of life or hormones. So, just because one day you’re not a top priority doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s losing interest in you. Same with if she’s taking her sweet time responding to you all week. You need to look for consistency in this behavior from her.

If she’s doing all three at he same time, then that’s a very good sign that her attraction has dropped significantly. It’s always a good idea to begin to mirror her emotions and effort level when you notice a change. This way you’re not over-pursuing her, nor are you being too cold. You’re giving her no more, or no less, than what she’s giving you. So, this is a good way to balance it out, because if you start chasing her or try to close the gap between you two when she’s being distant, it will only create more distance and she will pull away. Of course you don’t want to be too cold either. That will also drive her away, as she will think that you don’t care.

I Can Help You

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