How to plan an awesome first date

How To Plan An Awesome First Date

How to plan an awesome first date

How To Plan An Awesome First Date is essentially part 2 in this series, from asking a girl out to taking it to the bedroom. You can find my post on How To Ask A Girl On A Date here.

While most guys use the default “dinner and a movie” as a first date, I want to show you how to make it very memorable and fun for both of you. I can’t guarantee that you you’ll definitely get a second date because of this, but she’ll surely remember it in a positive way. After all, whether you get a second date or not will be determined more by your vibe and not necessarily the activity, but it definitely helps.

The overall goal for a first date is for both of you to have fun and to get know each other. You want to see if there’s good chemistry and an opportunity for a second date. Keep in mind, though; it’s not all about her and showing her a god time. You want to see if she’s a good fit for you as well.

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How To Plan An Awesome First Date

First, I would like to point out that it’s a very smart idea to to plan what I like to call a “pre-date” to begin with, more so with a woman whom you do not really know. This is when you plan to meet for coffee, ice cream, tea or a drink so you can judge if there is any chemistry before spending money and an evening with her. However, if this is a girl that you already know, perhaps a friend or someone from your social circle that you’re already familiar with, this step is not necessary. On the other hand, if your “pre-date” goes really well it can’t hurt to have what I’m about to explain loaded in the chamber and turn your pre-date into an actual awesome first date.

This Is Your Job — Take The Lead

As the man it is your job to plan the date; this includes the time, location, activities, etc. Technically, if she was interested in going out on a date with you she’s really more interested in getting to know you more than what and where you actually go. In other words, do not ask her what she would like to do. That’s weak, approval-seeking behavior and it will turn her off right from the beginning. She doesn’t want to make that decision. She wants to join you, not to call the shots.

I remember in the beginning stages of dating my girlfriend and we were discussing some upcoming date plans over text. I asked her what she thought of my plans. Her response was sending me the Prince and Apollonia duet, “Take Me With You”. I can’t say for sure that she meant it this way but the chorus goes, “I don’t care where we go, I don’t care what we do. I don’t care pretty baby, just take me with you”. That’s something to keep in mind!

Planning The Awesome First Date

As I mentioned above, “dinner and a movie” seem to be the default date for most men. However, the idea is to stand out from the rest of the guys she’s accustomed to dating, because if you stand out you’re already ahead of the game. Plus taking her to an expensive dinner is, again, approval-seeking, which I get into a bit in this post. It’s time to get creative here! Depending on the area where you both live, you have plenty of choices outside of dinner and/or a movie. As an example, living in a metropolitan city there are a ton of options to choose from. You may live out in the sticks where your options are more limited, which means you really have to get creative.

I’ll give you a few ideas to start with and you can take it from there. Bowling is a great first date, because you can flirt, touch and have a lot of fun without much pressure. If it’s the right season, a carnival or festival is another great activity where you can talk, touch and flirt. Are you seeing the pattern here? You want to take her some place that is interesting and different, but also somewhere where you have the opportunity to get to know each other, and ultimately begin innocent touching if the evening and the chemistry is a success.

There are also some date ideas that are not so good. Obviously, the movies are not a good idea until she’s already your serious girlfriend. A concert or a stage play are also not good ideas because of what I mentioned above. While the pressure may be off of you, you won’t be able to speak much, if at all. How are you going to get to know each other?

Anticipation Breeds Excitement

I love doing this, because it’s fun for both her and you. If you’ve read the first installment of this little series you have already set a definite time and day when your awesome first date will take place. She is going to be asking you where you plan on taking her. You just tell her something along the lines of, “You just leave that to me.” Just tell her how she should dress and what time to be ready, if you’re picking her up; or what time to meet you if she will be meeting you somewhere. She will more than likely try to get it out of you, but it’s a surprise. This will have her thinking about it, trying to figure out where you’ll be taking her, maybe even talking it over with her girlfriends, and most importantly she will be thinking about you. The anticipation of the date and seeing you will make her excited to see you and for your night out. Then try to stay off the phone with her as much as possible until the day/night of the date to create even more anticipation!

Next week I will be teaching you what to talk about on your awesome first date and how to trigger attraction.

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