keep romance alive

How Men Can Keep Romance Alive

It’s no secret that ladies love romance and it really is an important part of any loving relationship for men to keep romance alive. Romance is relatively easy in the beginning stages of the relationship. Everything is new, exciting and mysterious by nature. You’re still learning and discovering new things about each other. Of course it’s a bit more difficult to maintain after many years together, but it’s definitely not impossible. The fact of the matter is, women love romance. If you’re not providing it for her and continuing to court her throughout the relationship or marriage, she will eventually get bored, turned off and ultimately fall out of love. Before you know it, some other guy who understands how to romance her will come along and swoop her off her feet. I’ve always said ‘game’ is forever, and part of ‘game’ is knowing how to romance and court her.

keep romance alive

What is Romance and Courtship?

In order to keep romance alive and to continue the courtship it’s important to know exactly what it is.

Romance is simply adding and maintaining mystery and excitement to your relationship in a fun and playful sort of way. Love is supposed to be playful and fun. Throw a little mystery and excitement into the mix and you two will have something quite fantastic, full of passion.

Courtship is to pursue love with her, to always be maintaining her love and romantic interest for you. So, really, courting and romancing her are two sides to the same coin. Essentially, you always want to be getting her to fall in love with you over and over again.

For most men, once they’ve entered into the committed relationship stage, or get married, they think to themselves, “I got the girl. Now I can relax.” They get lazy and complacent. The woman begins to feel he doesn’t care anymore and she pulls away. The guy notices this and he begins to get needy and insecure. This causes her to pull away even further and this eventually turns into a vicious downhill cycle. The other scenario is, the guy doesn’t notice her pulling away at all, because he’s wrapped up in his own life and career. Suddenly she leaves him and he can’t figure out what the hell just happened.

Women want to feel loved and special. By not dating, romancing and courting her she will eventually look at your actions and instinctively assume you no longer love or care about her.

How to Keep Romance Alive

It doesn’t take much to keep romance alive in your relationship, besides a little effort, creativity and of course love from your heart. Below I’ve listed the three essential ingredients to romance and court, and to keep her coming back for more.

Date Her Regularly

This is huge! You never want to stop dating your girl no matter how long you’ve been together. It doesn’t even have to be once a week, but you don’t want to slack here or fall into the habit of always doing the same thing. Pizza and movie, or even “Netflix and chill” is fine once in a while. Typically, girls do enjoy doing that, but it hardly constitutes as romantic, and she will get bored of this. When you do take her out, you want to do things that are different and fun. Even going out to dinner every Saturday night will get dull and boring eventually. So, just mix it up a bit. And don’t schedule things for the same night every date night. You always want to keep her guessing, because that builds anticipation and mystery for her. It keeps things fun and interesting.

You always want to be creative with your dates. Understand that what’s really most important to her is, that you two are having fun and spending quality time together. There are so many things you can do if you just think outside the box a bit. I guaranteed that if you put in the effort with these sort of things, she will pay you back ten-fold with her love.

I go into detail with some creative date night ideas in the video below (or view it here) on how to keep romance alive. The video also includes a great tip on how to build the anticipation even more. This will really add to her excitement!

Flirt and Banter with Her

Flirting consists of being playful and teasing in a fun way. You don’t want to be mean in your teasing, but fun. Almost like she’s your bratty little sister. Women love bantering with the man they love. Throw in a little cocky humor and a few sexual innuendos here and there, and it will really get her in a playful mood and even a little turned on. Obviously this is not the way you communicate with her 24/7, but once in a while. Even flirting with her all the time will eventually become boring and predictable to the point where she will get bored.

Touch Her with Affection

What I mean by this is touching her in a non-sexual way. Eventually you will want to touch her in a sexual way, but touching her affectionately is part of building up to that. Women aren’t light switches like us. As men, we get turned on easily. Women, on the other hand, need to be slowly brought up to that level. So, you want to do things like putting your hand on the small of her back as you walk by her. Put your arm around her when you’re sitting by each other, or put your hand on her knee, or hold her hand. Perhaps when she’s making dinner, come up behind her and wrap your arms around her, give her a little squeeze, a kiss on the cheek and then walk away. Touching her in these ways makes her feel loved and special.

Doing all of these things regularly and consistently will keep romance alive in your relationship. It’s all about keeping her happy and smiling, which will keep her feeling love and attraction for you. However, like all good things, you just don’t want to overdo it. Like I mentioned before, you want to keep her guessing, but in a fun and playful where she feels special and loved.

As a man, your job, as far as the courtship goes, is to focus on having fun with her and keep her smiling. If you can do that, she will always love you, because most guys will never put in this kind of effort. This is what she wants.

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