Make Your Girl Feel Special

You Must Make Your Girl Feel Special

In any relationship it’s important to make your girl feel special, because a few of my clients have been taking what I teach too far in the other direction. I do teach that you need to not chase her so much, to be strong, non-needy, and to let your girl come and go as she pleases. However, it seems that some of you, while applying what I teach, are coming off as being too cold to her. This is partly my fault, as I realized that I really haven’t touched on the subject of making sure that you ALSO make your girl feel special.

If you don’t make your girl feel special, she will begin to feel that either you don’t really care about her, or that you’re just using her for sex, or both. This is even more so when you begin to apply what I teach about masculine strength. Most women aren’t used to men acting masculine, so it can confuse them. So, it’s really about finding the right balance.

Make Your Girl Feel Special

Girls Want To Feel Special

Most guys behave way too needy with their girl, way too nice and over share their feelings. As I’ve explained in many of my videos and articles, this just turns women off and causes them to lose attraction for you. Those of you that I have coached privately, you guys are doing a great job! I’ve noticed your progress. However, as I mentioned, some of you are swinging too far the other way. This causes your girl to feel that you don’t care about her to the point where she initiates a breakup.

Take note: if a woman doesn’t feel special, or she feels that you don’t care, she will end things with you eventually.

It’s not just the sexual tension and your charming, confident vibe that’s attractive to women. It’s also the strong connection they feel with you. Most women will attempt to communicate to you when she’s not feeling special or loved. However, they will rarely spell it out in black and white. Your radar must be on at all times to listen and absorb what she’s telling you.

When Your Girl Doesn’t Feel Special

What usually happens in these cases is, that the woman will communicate this in her subtle, indirect, feminine way and guys are either not listening or they don’t take it seriously. Then the girl begins pulling away, the other reason girls pull away, and the guy begins to pursue her in return. He begins acting weak and needy, resulting in her pulling away further, until she just ends things. Or, she just flat out breaks-up with the guy and he can’t figure out what just happened, or why.

When a girl likes you, she’s going to tell you what’s bothering her about the relationship. She may say things like, “You never share anything with me”, or “I wish I knew how you felt about things”, or “what am I to you?” She probably won’t say exactly these words, but something similar. Then you know that she feels that either you don’t care or she feels that you’re holding back. Girls are much more intuitive and they can feel when you’re holding back or being inauthentic.

How To Make Your Girl Feel Special

First, you must understand that every one of you is a little different, as is every girl you date. So, all I can do, unless I’m coaching you privately, is to explain what you must do to make your girl feel special, in general.

The best thing you can do is to add some romance and maintain it throughout the relationship. I did a video called how men can keep the romance alive which I recommend that you watch. However, you must realize that when I say romance, I’m not suggesting that you shower her with flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners. What I’m referring to is planning fun activities with her where you can play, touch and flirt with each other. Girls have a lot of fun with these things and if you do it right, you’ll have a lot of fun too. This is all part of the courtship. This must continue throughout the entire relationship. As soon as you stop courting your girl she will begin to feel as if you don’t care about her. Planning these fun activities essentially communicates to her that she’s special enough for you to go out of your way to keep her in love with you.

Sharing Your Feelings

If you’re in a committed relationship with her, it’s perfectly fine to share your loving feelings for her, as long as you continue acting like a man. It’s a good idea to use the 80/20 rule in this situation. 80% of the time you’re focused on you and your purpose, and 20% of the time you’re giving her all of you and your love. You just must be sure you’re doing it from your heart, when you’re feeling it and not doing out of a place of needing her validation, or doing it just to placate her.

If you’re at the beginning stages of dating and no “i love yous” have been exchanged yet, you can still express yourself. You just want to do it in smaller steps until you know she’s at the same level emotionally. Keep in mind that, despite popular opinion, it’s actually women that take longer to fall in love than it does a man. So, if you’re still in the beginning stages, you might say something like, “I really like you”, “I adore you”, or “You’re a lot of fun”. Once she feels that she’s falling in love with you, and she feels safe, she will begin to increase the stakes, so to speak, in expressing her love for you. Then, you can begin to slowly reveal your love for her as well, in measured steps.

This is all really a great way to express to her that she’s special and not like all the other girls.

I Can Help You

If you need help making your girl feel special, or perhaps you are having some issues with your dating and/or relationships. I can help. Please visit my coaching page and book private, one-on-one email coaching with me and we will get to the bottom of this and get things turned around for you.

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