male orbiters and attractive women

Attractive Women And Male Orbiters

It’s important you understand that almost all women, especially the very attractive ones, have at least one or more male orbiters. In fact, studies have proven this to some extent. What’s a male orbiter? These are the guys hanging around your girl because they like her and are attracted to her. However, they’re basically too afraid to make a move. They’re afraid to make their interest in her known, out of fear of rejection. They’re extra nice, hoping that SHE will initiate a relationship, or sexual contact of some sort. Sometimes they’ve been friend-zoned by her and they’re waiting around hoping she’ll change her mind. Essentially, these male orbiters are either backups, or guys that she genuinely thinks of as a friend. Often she has little to no idea that these guys are interested in more than friendship.

Girls that like you and respect you will make sure you know about theses male orbiters, and make sure you know in one way or another that she has no romantic interest in them.

male orbiters and attractive women

Attractive Women and Their Male Orbiters

In order to fully grasp attractive women and their male orbiters, understand that not every single male friend of hers wants to get into her pants. I have a couple attractive female friends that I have no sexual interest in. I suppose if they were to aggressively throw themselves at me I would seize the opportunity; after all I AM a man. I have no desire to put in any effort into seducing them and I really don’t look at them as a sexual option. That hasn’t stopped their boyfriends from being extremely jealous of me, however.

And that brings me to your own jealousy when it comes to your girl’s male orbiters. I hear a lot of guys upset and complaining about how their girlfriend has male friends. They just don’t trust these guys!

You do NOT want to show any jealousy about these guys. She has already chosen you. Any jealousy that you display will only make you look weak and unsure of yourself. I’m sure you know by now, women are very attracted to confidence in men. Getting upset about her talking to another man isn’t going to make you seem very confident. This is easier for some guys over others. A little jealousy here and there, for legitimate reasons, is okay. It shows her you care. You just don’t want it to become a regular occurrence. But with these male orbiters, if she has any ounce of integrity, you don’t have to worry about them snatching up your girl out from under you.

You Are Their Competition

What could be a problem with her male orbiters is, when she’s upset about you or hurt, she may go to them to cry on their shoulder. More than likely they are going to tell your girl whatever they have to in order to convince her that she has picked the wrong guy–you! There’s no need to get angry with these guys, however, or to prove yourself to not be who this guy says you are. A man with confidence, who sees himself to have high value, would just laugh that stuff off. Having the ability to brush them off as ‘no big deal’ will only increase, or at least maintain, her attraction for you. In fact, being able to brush off ANY guy that show her interest will be attractive to her, because most guys just cannot handle it.

Don’t Become A Male Orbiter

I will get into more details in a upcoming article, but you must avoid becoming one of her male orbiters. You want to act like her lover and NOT her friend. If she’s not a committed girlfriend or your wife, don’t be doing things with her like; running errands, going shopping, going on lunch dates–things she would normally do with one of her girlfriends, or “male girlfriends”. If she tries to friend-zone you, don’t agree to it and remain being her “friend”. Always be your most attractive self by playfully teasing her, being slightly cocky, throwing an occasional sexual innuendo into your conversation and using kino. These are all ways to communicate that you are not her friend; you’re her lover first, friend second.

I Can Help You

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