good night texts

Good Morning and Goodnight Texts

I’ve noticed a lot of guys send good morning and/or goodnight texts to your girl. Of course there’s nothing wrong with this on the surface, but it’s when your girl begins to ignore them or cold responses like, “thanks” is when it begins to become a problem. This is when you guys start asking me why she stopped responding to these, or she stopped sending them to you altogether. And why wouldn’t you be a little confused? You were just being thoughtful or nice, right? How could something as simple and innocent as wishing her a good morning or goodnight be a bad thing? Well, it’s not bad, but it could very easily lower her attraction for you if you’re not careful.

good night texts

Good Morning & Goodnight Texts

Now, there’s nothing wrong with sending your girl good morning or goodnight texts, but only in moderation. Your girl will love receiving those texts from you, but by you doing it everyday and night it begins to lose it’s sentiment. It almost becomes robotic and predictable, and this is where her attraction begins to drop. Women hate predictability in a man. And anytime a girl stops responding to your texts, or is giving you cold, one word responses; it’s because her attraction has dropped.

Now, her attraction could have dropped for numerous reasons; maybe you’ve hurt her in some way, maybe you were acting a bit weak, maybe an ex or another guy is suddenly in the picture. However, in most cases it’s because you’ve become a little boring and predictable. Your good morning and/or goodnight texts have lost their meaning for her. Women not only need a little mystery in order for their attraction to rise and be maintained, but they also need to feel meaning behind your words and actions when it pertains to you expressing your love for her. When you do the same thing all the time, it kills the mystery and lessens the meaning behind it. It’s no longer special. You never want to fall too deep into routines with women, as they’ll get bored quickly. Without a little mystery and excitement, her attraction will begin to drop.

Express Your Love Authentically

You also want to be sure that you put meaning behind what you say and do for her. You want to do things for her because that’s what you’re feeling and not because that’s what you think she expects from you. As Hunter Drew from the Family Alpha says, “You have to love her the way you want to love her, not the way you think she wants to be loved”. So, send her those good morning, goodnight texts; but only once in a while, and only because you mean it. You’re saying it because you actually want to express yourself to her, not as a way to keep her interest or to stay on her radar. As I’ve stated many times, women are far more intuitive than us men. They can sense when you’re being authentic or inauthentic. So, if she stopped responding to those text messages or giving unenthusiastic replies, you’re more than likely overdoing it. This is a sign that you should back off with those texts. She will begin sending them again when she begins to feel it again.

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