options with other women

Options With Other Women Is Attractive

I talked a bit about this in my article, “Why You Should Be Dating Multiple Women”; having options with other women actually makes you more attractive to women. I realize that’s a bit counter-intuitive, as most men these days keep themselves single for the perfect girl. I’m not suggesting that you should continue dating other women if you’re in a committed relationship. I’m only saying that you having the option to date other women if you feel the need makes you very attractive.

For one thing, knowing that you have options with other women gives you a lot of confidence with women. You’re a lot less likely to get so hung-up on one woman, because you know that you can easily attract others if she’s showing low to no interest. And, as we all know, women find a confident man to be a very sexy man. Another reason having options is attractive is because this gives you social proof to the ladies. If other women are so willing to date and sleep with you, then you most certainly must be a catch. Having options with other women gives-off, and reconfirms, a magnetic alpha vibe.

options with other women

Some of you guys have been asking me how to maintain attraction once you’re in a long term relationship. Besides what I’ve already taught you in my videos; focusing on being fun and playful when you’re with her, and focusing on yourself, your goals and your life’s purpose. This alone will help keep her attracted more than you realize. There’s also other things you can do to keep her on her toes. Of course this is just one of the ingredients, but an important one.

Comfort Doesn’t Equal Attraction

For a lot of couples in long term relationships, especially if you live together or you’re married, the sex and passion die down. That’s going to happen to some extent anyway, because things are no longer new and super exciting like when you first began dating. However, for most couples, the sex diminishes significantly or becomes non-existent. One of the reasons for this is because women begin to feel a sense of comfort. She’s comfortable knowing that she has you, that you’re committed to her and her alone. There’s no longer that urgency to screw your brains out in order to keep your attention on her, as opposed to other women offering you the same thing.

Options With Other Women Is Attractive

In order to communicate to her that you have options is to treat all women the same. By this, I mean, to always be fun and playful with all women; whether it be the clerk at the gas station or one of her girlfriends. Those women are going to smile and flirt back, because they won’t be able to resist your charm and playfulness. Not only will this reconfirm to your girl that she has a catch, but it will also keep you confident and from getting rusty with your game. As a nice bi-product of this, her own imagination and her innate competition anxiety will kick in, causing her to keep her own game on point. She doesn’t want your attention on any other woman, she wants your attention on her. Of course you’re going to reassure your girl by giving her that love and attention. But your charming and playful personality is for all women.

Women want her man to have options with other women

Options Doesn’t Mean Cheating

To be clear, I’m NOT saying that you should pursue anything with these other women if you’re in a committed relationship. This is all just harmless fun and games for you, because you love women and can’t resist making them smile. Just be careful, because all this charm, playful teasing and cocky humor is like catnip for the ladies. You’ll probably have a few of them throwing themselves at you, because most men don’t behave this way and women find it very attractive. That’s why it’s important to reassure your girl from time to time, that she is, in fact, your girl. And never ever rub another woman in her face. You’re setting yourself up for a war and insane jealousy if you do that.

There’s much more to maintaining a woman’s attraction than just this, but this will help you in leaps and bounds. Just remember, a woman doesn’t want a man who WOULD cheat, but women love a man that COULD cheat. This is why why having options with other women is so important with keeping your girl’s attraction.

I Can Help You

Need some help attracting options with other women? Perhaps you are having some other issues with your dating and/or relationships? I can help you. Please visit my coaching page and book private, one-on-one coaching with me. We will get to the bottom of this and get things turned around for you.

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