Why You Should Be Dating Multiple Women

Why You Should Be Dating Multiple Women

Considering I’m recommending that you be dating multiple women, I’m sure my female readers won’t take too kindly to this. However, the truth is most women do this all the time. Even if they’re not technically dating other men, almost all women have at least one male orbiter as a backup plan. These guys are ready to drop everything in a New York minute to be with her. This essentially gives her the confidence to take things slow and to be objective about you. If you don’t contact her or make a date with her, or blow her off, she always has a backup plan. As a man, you should be doing relatively the same thing. If you have options with women, you’re less likely to try and force a relationship and lock her down, or to become too needy.

I’m going to explain to you why dating multiple women should be your dating strategy until you find the right woman. I’m also going to explain how to do it in a way where you’re not being deceptive, and why women are ultimately attracted to a man with options.

Dating Multiple Women

Advantages of Dating Multiple Women

I’ve talked about the idea of dating multiple women and keeping your options open before. This strategy gives you options with women. It will also help you master many of the behaviors that turn women both on and off. As an example, you’re not going to be too upset about a girl not texting you back if other girls are texting you. You won’t be all that upset that a girl cancels a date on you when you have other girls blowing up your phone wanting to see you. See where I’m going with this?

Somewhere along the line society started shaming men for having options with women. This used to be the norm. Now days, men seem to think that they have to be committed to one women just because they went out on a date or two, or they slept together. Limiting yourself to one woman, whom you barely know and is most likely playing the field herself, plays a big part in men acting jealous, needy, insecure and controlling; among other undesirable behaviors. This actually causes you to cling to her even tighter, because you have no one else. If she ends things with you or blows you off, you have to go back out into the world to find yourself a new girl when your confidence as at a low.

Abundance Breeds Confidence

If you have multiple women to choose from you develop a natural confidence about yourself and your success with women. You have an abundance mindset. If one woman blows you off, you’re indifferent, because you have others to choose from. This confidence causes you to be very attractive in the eyes of women. They see you as a catch. What woman wouldn’t see you as a catch when you have multiple women all vying for your attention? This will also make you a bit of a challenge, and women love a challenging man. It causes them to step-up their game a bit, because they want to be your #1. This is what is referred as “competition anxiety” and it actually makes you more attractive in her eyes.

It Doesn’t Make You a Player

I’m in no way saying that you should be playing these women. You should not. It’s best that any and all women know that you’re not interested in anything serious at this point. You’re open to it in the future if things go that way. This way, you’re not deceiving any of them. If they get involved with you they know what the deal is upfront.

I’m also not saying that you should be dating multiple women if you commit yourself to one woman. When you agree to a committed relationship with one woman, you should not continue playing the field. However, you should know that once you commit yourself to one woman after dating multiple women, your attractiveness will drop a bit in her eyes. This is because now she has you all to herself. There’s no competition to speak of. The challenge is not as intense. You can keep this part of the challenge going a bit, though. You do this by keeping your game up and remaining attractive to her as well as other women. It’s her perception of you and her imagination of what other women think of you that will encourage her to keep HER game up.

So, stay fit, dress well, and always be charming and playful with all women. Just be sure that your girl knows that she’s the special one; that you love her and are devoted to her.

I Can Help You

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