5 Ways You’re Subtly Chasing Women

I’ve explained in many of articles and videos how chasing women will only cause them to run away from you. Yes, you do have to chase women to an extent in order to initiate the courtship. However, after she’s hooked and beginning to fall for you, it’s important that you get her chasing you. The more you continue to chase her, the more you’re communicating that she has a higher value than you. You’re putting her on a pedestal which, contrary to popular belief, is not where women want to be. Your actions are essentially telling her that she’s better than you and your lucky to have her.

Women want and NEED to look up to their man with respect and admiration in order for her attraction to flourish. She will never do that if she feels that it’s YOU looking up to her on that pedestal. I’m not saying that women are beneath you, by any means. Women like to lean on their man, or the masculine presence in their life. In other words, they need to look up to you in terms of dominance, strength and value. So, you need to communicate your higher value through your actions. There are many ways to do that, but one of the biggest ways is to not chase her and allow her to chase you and seek your validation. Many of you know the obvious ways that you’re chasing women, but there are also some very subtle ways you’re chasing her.

Chasing Women

Common Ways You’re Subtly Chasing Women

You may not think that these aren’t a big deal, but if they’re done relatively consistently over time, she will begin to notice. She probably won’t notice it consciously, but she will begin to feel this weakness in you. This is where her attraction will begin to drop and she’ll start testing you. If you fail her tests, she will lose respect for you. That’s when her attraction REALLY begins to drop. While there are many ways you’re can subtly chasing women, here are the 5 most common ways that I’ve noticed men doing.

Chasing The Conversation

This when the conversation looses it’s momentum, turns stale, or completely halts. Many men will do everything they can in order to keep the conversation going to the point where I seems forced.

When a conversation gets to this point, just back-off a little. Let her keep the conversation going, even if it means that you have to sit in uncomfortable silence for a bit.

Chasing A Connection

This usually happens in the very early stages of dating. A man will often agree with everything she has to say, or flat out lie in order for him to be on the same page as her to force a connection.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with her, or fear that she won’t see anything in common with you. Women actually like when men stand up for what he likes and values. Plus, if you think you’re fooling her, you’re wrong. Women can sense when you’re being inauthentic.

Chasing Women’s Approval

Many men do this! Especially when the woman in their life has expressed her distaste or displeasure in something a man has done or said, or hasn’t done. He then finds himself doing back flips and jumping through hoops to prove to her otherwise.

I remember when a an old girlfriend of mine once asked me what I have to offer her. I smiled and responded, “What do YOU have to offer ME?” After a moment of stunned silence, she responded, “Good point”. And she never asked me again.

Look, you don’t need to prove yourself, nor answer to her. She’s not your mother. And if you treat her like your mommy, she’ll lose all respect and attraction for you. A masculine man doesn’t back down, nor back peddle, in order to prove himself, or appear in a favorable light.

Chasing Women’s Physical Affection

This could be anything from holding hands or snuggling to sex. While it IS the man’s job to create the moment where she just can’t say no to sex, trying to force it or groveling for any sort of physical affection will get you none. Plus, you’re basically handing over all the power to her, and she will use it against you.

You want to be that attractive man who’s SO attractive that she just can’t resist touching you, kissing you and ripping off your clothes.

Chasing Women’s Love

Chasing women’s love is very similar to chasing women’s physical affection. This can be done in numerous ways, such as; showering her with gifts, extravagant dates, over complimenting, or even telling her that you love her just so she says it in return.

While all these things are nice things to do for your girl(I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do them), you must do them in moderation. More importantly, you only want to do them when it’s truly from the heart and never for anything in return. If it’s not authentic, she’s going to know exactly what you’re up to and it will not go over well.


Remember what I tell you guys about women being much more intuitive than us men. You may think that she’s not noticing these subtle forms of chasing her, or you’re pulling the wool over her eyes, but she is noticing; even worse, she knows why you’re doing it. She will naturally give you all her love, sex and attention ten-fold if you begin seeing yourself as the prize. How do you see begin to see yourself as the prize, you ask? You must start chasing excellence and stop chasing women. This way you will slowly gain the lifestyle, confidence, self worth and internal strength that make the ladies weak in the knees.

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