Pay attention to women's actions

Pay Attention To Women’s Actions, More Than Words

A lot of men get confused with women because they’ll say one thing, but do another. Most girls know that they do this too. But the reason they do this is because of the battle between their head and their heart. Logic vs emotion. I’ve tried to explain to you guys many times, women often live in the moment emotionally. They’ll express how they’re feeling in that moment with both their words and actions. However, sometimes their words don’t match their actions, and in order to read where women are at emotionally, you want to pay attention to women’s actions more than their words. What are her actions communicating to you?

Women's actions communicate everything

Men & Women Communicate Differently

It’s important to determine where a woman is emotionally in order for you to know how to proceed. Often, a woman’s emotions fluctuate quite frequently, from one moment to the next. So, it’s damn near impossible to have any certainty based strictly on her words.

Men, we take words at face value. Another man promising “you have my word”, for the most part, we know we can trust that. Women, on the other hand, will tell us in moment how much they love us and in the next that they can’t stand being around us. I’m not saying that women’s words are meaningless, only that they live in the moment emotionally and those emotions are subject to constant change. Therefore, her feelings will always be changing. So, how do you know, as a man, how a woman is feeling about you overall?

Pay Attention To Women’s Actions

You have to pay more attention to women’s actions, more than their words. A woman can agree to go out on dates with you, and the average guy will think that she must like him then. But if she refuses to get physically intimate with you, what does that tell you? More than likely she’s interested in the free meal and having something to do. She has little romantic interest in you.

She could be talking and flirting with you over the phone, but if she won’t make a date, more than likely she’s just using you to fuel her own ego. If something similar is happening to you, just completely back-off and quit giving her your valuable time.

On the other hand, if she’s not being vocal about how she feels about you, leaving you a bit confused and uncertain, but she’s regularly initiating contact with you, that’s a pretty good sign that she’s into you. In that case, that’s when you would find out when she’s free and arrange a date.

Are You Her Friend Or Lover?

Ask yourself, is she treating you like a friend or a lover? Is she behaving like she wants to be around you and touch you? Or is she doing everything that she can to avoid you or use you to get what she wants? Is she telling you that she loves you, but won’t make time for you? Does she constantly want to talk to you or be around you, want to be physical with you, but won’t talk about a relationship or her feelings?

If she’s really into you, she won’t be able to control herself. She will want to always be in contact with you. She will always want to be around you. She will WANT to sleep with you. If she’s not into you, she may take the free dinner or trip to Cancun, but she’ll do everything she can to avoid sex, or at least regular sex.

Anyone could tell a believable lie, but her actions will not lie.

So, pay attention and watch women’s actions more than what she says. This is how men with game know when to make a move, when to arrange a date or when to back-off or walk away completely.

I Can Help You

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  1. You are horrible at this! What sort of women are you basing your rotten opinion on?? As a woman that is sure of herself and her emotions, i can assure you and any man reading this that when a woman doesn’t want to get intimate with you it is not because she is trying to get a free meal. Give your head a shake! There could be 1000 different reasons why she chooses not to become intimate with you. Have you ever considered the notion of timing, what each person is seeking, compatibility, gaining a man’s respect ( this is a whole other issue) OR that it could be something you did during the date that turned her off? You are not qualified to give men advice! You clearly have no respect or understanding of women.

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