signs she's attracted to you

10 Signs She’s Attracted To You

Studies show that only 7% of communication is done through your words and a whopping 55% is done through body language. Her body language will give you unconscious signs she’s attracted to you. The other 38% of communication is done through vocal tone. This is one of the reasons that it’s such a bad idea to use texting as your main form of communication, but I digress.

Most women, especially when you first begin dating, will not verbally confess their attraction for you. So, you need to learn how to read her body language to pick-up on the signs she’s attracted you. That’s not so easy if you don’t know what to look for. Once you do know what to look for it becomes quite obvious. And knowing the signs will help you to determine how to proceed with her from there.

signs she's attracted to you

I’m going to explain the top 10 female body language signs that communicates her attraction for you. It doesn’t matter if you just met her, or if you’re in a long term relationship with her. I’m also going to throw in a few signs that shows she is NOT interested in you.

These signals are all subconscious. In other words, she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it. There are times when a girl will catch herself and stop in order to cover up the fact that she’s attracted to you, but for the most part she has no control over these signs.

10 Signs She’s Attracted To You

Keep in mind that it’s best to look for several of these signs she’s attracted from her, as her doing just one of these doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s attracted to you, or wants you to make a move.


Preening is basically when she’s fixing herself up to be more attractive for you. This could be straightening out her outfit, checking her makeup or fixing her hair. This is a sign that she likes what she sees and she wants to look just as good for you.

Playing With Her Hair

This is probably the most obvious of the signs she’s attracted to you. This could be flipping her hair back over her shoulder to expose her neck, running her fingers through it or even twirling her hair with her finger. This is really just a form of non-verbal flirting.

Eye Contact

Typically, eye contact alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but in the context of the rest of these signals it’s a good sign. In addition, if she’s making good eye contact with you while smiling and she occasionally looks down in a playful, submissive way. That’s a very good sign.

Big Smiles

There’s a difference between a forced, nervous smile; signaling that she’s not comfortable and a big smile that indicates that she’s really enjoying your company. You should be to tell the difference when you see it.

Playing With Her Jewelry

This is when she’s fidgeting with her ring, necklace or earrings. This is just more non-verbal flirting.

Spotlighting Her Face

She draws attention to her face by putting her hand, or both of her hands, under her face. This is a good sign that she wants you to take notice of her pretty face.

Exposing Her Skin

I’m not talking about her getting naked in front of you. What I’m talking about are things like, when she pulls up her sleeves or unfastens her top button giving you even the slightest peek of her chest of even cleavage. This means that she feels comfortable around you. Extra points if she’s using her hands to draw attention to her exposed area, making you think of sex.

Invading Your Personal Space

You may notice that she’s moving closer to you. If you’re seated or standing, she may slowly begin to move closer to you, or begin leaning into you (just don’t lean into her!). If you’re walking, she might occasionally bump into you, or her hand may be bumping your hand. Again, this is a sign that she’s feeling comfortable with you. She’s hinting that it’s okay to begin touching her. Just don’t get overly aggressive or sexual quite yet.

Drawing Attention to Her Lips

Have you noticed that she’s licking her lips while making eye contact with you? Perhaps she’s sucking a straw in her drink, blowing air kisses, or maybe even playfully holding a piece of fruit, or something, in between her lips. These are good indicators that she wants your attention on her sexy lips. If she’s seductively parting her lips or biting her bottom lip, that’s a pretty blatant sign of desire.

Touching You

When she’s playfully hitting or slapping your arm, she’s clearly flirting with you. However, if she begins placing her hand on your arm, your back or your knee; as a result, this is a green light that you can begin touching her and to begin escalate making a move.


Signs She’s NOT Interested

I’m not going to go into all the many signs that she’s not interested or that she’s feeling uncomfortable around you. I will give you a few of the obvious signs to look for that shows her lack of interest in you. In that case, it’s best to move along, because you would be just wasting your time. If she’s a committed girlfriend, these are still clear signs that she’s not feeling it in that moment.

  • The opposite of her moving closer to you is if she’s keeping her distance from you. And if her body is turned slightly away this is another sign that she doesn’t want you coming any closer.
  • If she’s looking around while you’re speaking, this communicates boredom and lack of interest in what you have to say.
  • If she’s shifting her weight around; this is a good sign that she’s feeling a bit bored, nervous or uncertain about you.
  • And, finally, if her arms are folded in front of her, this means that she’s not inviting you in. It’s a guarded pose. And if she also has her legs crossed and perhaps slightly hunched over, this is extremely guarded. This signals that she does not feel comfortable around you at all.

It’s a good idea to go through and study these signs she’s attracted to you. You will always have to be reading women in order to know where they’re at emotionally. Asking or quizzing her about where you stand is weak. You probably will not get a straight answer out of her anyway. So, knowing what to look for in the moment in order to read her will greatly improve your game.

I Can Help You

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