Why Women Lose Interest In Men

It can be quite confusing to understand why women lose interest in you. The courtship always starts out great, with the woman having a very high interest level; she practically can’t leave a guy alone, always wanting his attention or to spend time with him. The guy feels on top of the world, like he can do no wrong; maybe even a little too cocky, but all the sex and love that he’s getting from her is far too great to realize this. He’s filled with confidence and begins to realize that he’s really beginning to fall for this girl. Suddenly, she pulls away from him and panic sets in. He scrambles to recapture her seemingly diminishing interest, which is actually only causing her to pull away more. Anxiety sets in and he tries even harder, thinking that he did something wrong or that he’s not doing enough. And it only gets worse from there. Sound familiar?

I’ve written articles and I have made videos about reasons why women lose interest in men, but I realized that I don’t have one source where you can easily refer to if you’re going through a similar ordeal. It’s important to understand why women lose interest because, it’s much easier to stop unattractive behavior than it is to make the changes in order to display attractive behavior. It’s important that you do both, but these are going to be major changes for most of you and it won’t happen overnight. However, you can stop this unattractive behavior right away. And the this article can act as a basic guide of what NOT to do.

when your girlfriend begins to lose interest in you


Why Women Lose Interest

First, I purposely have left out things like abuse or infidelity, as these are obvious reasons why women lose interest in a man. I don’t believe that you really need me to go into detail why that sort of behavior will turn a woman off and cause her to completely lose interest in you. However, if you’re honestly clueless why that will cause a woman’s attraction for you to plummet, leave a message in the comments section below and I will explain.

Below, I will explain the most common reasons why women lose interest in men, most of which men don’t really realize that they’re even doing.


Needy behavior is probably the biggest reason why women lose interest and attraction. This is basically NEEDING her validation in some way, shape or form so you feel better about yourself. This could be repeatedly saying “I love you” because you need to hear it back, trying to force her to put a label on the relationship, or even needing her to respond to your texts or calls by a certain time. If you need her to say, do, or be a certain way so you feel good about yourself and confident in the relationship, that’s needy behavior. Women find this very unattractive because, it communicates that you have little to no confidence. Women find strength and confidence in men to be just as sexy and appealing as us men do when we see a beautiful woman in a tight, skimpy dress.

Also, by you being so focused on these things it gives off a feminine vibe, which will totally turn her off. Men are the gatekeepers of relationships, just like women are the gatekeepers of sex. She will never respect you and cherish the relationship unless she has to work for it a bit, just like you’d never respect her if you didn’t have to work for a little sex from her.


Clingy or smothering behavior is another very unattractive trait in men. Needy and clingy are more or less two sides of the same coin. Being clingy is doing things like; always checking up on her, always wanting to be with her, following her around at a party, always engaging in every social media post, etc. Women need space in order to wonder about you so their feelings for you can grow. Plus, men who have purpose in life don’t have time to always be worried about what his girl is doing or thinking.

Jealousy and Possessiveness

Women find jealous and possessive men to be very unattractive. While women may occasionally try to make a man jealous, consider it nothing more than a test of your confidence. Being jealous of other men and trying to possess her like she’s yours communicates your insecurity, that you don’t feel that you’re good enough for her. As I just mentioned, women love confident men that KNOW they’re her best option and that she’d be crazy for thinking any differently.

A great quote from zen Buddhist, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free”. If you can truly adopt this mindset, both you and your girl will feel freer and she will love you even more.


Women also find controlling behavior to be very unattractive. When men try to control what his girl does, again, it’s really a sign that he needs her to be a certain way in order for him to feel good about himself. If you can’t accept how your girl is, within reason of course, then you shouldn’t be with her. Otherwise, It’s always going to be an uphill battle for you and it’s going to make both of you miserable. This is not a healthy relationship, but men often try to control their girl because, they fear that they themselves will not be able to find a better woman. This fear will only cause her to lose respect for you, and women will never love a man that she doesn’t respect.

Love is freedom

Lack Of Leadership

Letting her take the lead in the relationship is also quite the turn-off for women. They want you to take the lead in the relationship. Even those very successful, high-powered, corporate business women want their man to be their rock and take the initiative. Women absolutely despise it when men hand over all the power in the relationship to them. This could be something as small as having her choose the restaurant, or even waiting for her to choose you over someone else. Confident men who know their worth are decisive. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a say, but it does mean that you take the lead.


On the opposite end of the spectrum of the weak behavior is being too complacent or taking her for granted. This can happen very easily when you’ve been in a relationship for a while. When you’re lazy in the relationship, complacent and taking her for granted, she begins to feel that you just don’t care. She’ll slowly begin to fall out of love until it’s completely gone. Once she gets to this point, there’s VERY little chance that you’ll be able to win her back. One of the biggest reasons why women leave men is because they’re not present in the relationship. Once a woman’s love is completely gone, it’s gone!

Too Cold

Another trait that will cause a woman to lose interest and attraction in you is if you’re too cold. Being a little aloof and indifferent is one thing, but women still need to feel like they are special to you. If you don’t show her that she’s special once in a while, again, she’ll begin to feel that you just don’t care, nor love her.

When women feel that you put them above yourself; such as when you’re acting needy, clingy, insecure and letting them take the lead; they will lose all respect for you and actually become repulsed; hence lose interest in you. This is typically when she will end things with you without giving it a second thought. Once a woman forms an opinion of you, it’s very tough to turn it around. The same goes for when she begins to feel like you don’t care or love her, or she feels you’re just using her. So, you must be cognizant of how you’re showing up and presenting yourself. It’s easy to fall into patterns and routines over time, and part of staying on top of your game is being aware of these things. Don’t think for a second that once she falls in love with you that she will never fall out of love with you.

I Can Help You

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